It's My Birthday!

I had a good month, I was using Oilatum (an anti-dandruff shampoo) to cleanse my face and a tiny dab of Diprobase to moisturise. This combination seemed to work and it didn't aggravate my skin. The first time I used it though, I was petrified that it would trigger another allergic reaction. Prior to this, I hadn't washed my face for weeks for fear of the cycle starting again. I did it though, and I now count it as a milestone in my recovery.

I had a new frock and I was ready to get out and have a drink or two! The location was perfect because it was outside. I had been living in an ice-box for the past few months because any type of heat seemed to make my face go red. I would literally avoid all warm places which severely inhibited me and stopped me from going out. 

So, armed with a small bottle of vodka and my sisters in-tow, I let my hair down and danced the night away. Heaven knows what shapes I was pulling, I was just so happy to be outside and enjoying myself. Looking back, I can see that I was unwell still but every time I went out and interacted with people, it gave me the confidence to do the next thing, and the next. It was as if I was metaphorically building the blocks of my life back to support me. Doing the every-day things that I once took for granted were a struggle and I had to plan my escape-route each time. I knew however that each little step, each little brick, would eventually become something solid and strong - something that I had built, from the foundations, up.


  1. Why, in God's Name, would you use vodka to prove you are well and healthy again? Dear young lady, I have read your blog with great interest and commend you on allllll counts for your perseverance, your tenacity, and you are indeed a heroine in your kind. But.....alcohol? Stop already. Love the God that created you, and honor Him with your being. He loves you so much, and I KNOW it is NOT in His plan for your life for you to drink. Bless you, hon, you are an amazing young woman!

  2. Dear mgs4real,
    Thank you so much for your kind message. I am sorry for my late response, I have only just seen it!
    I am encouraged by your comments and I hope that my story is still helping others who are going through the same thing.
    You are right! Vodka isn't the answer but it was lovely to let my hair down a bit after being trapped for so long. I do enjoy letting my hair down without the use of vodka too (lol).
    Many thanks again,